Falls Prevention

Falls remain one of the top three areas of serious injury and injury-related death in Nova Scotia.  We participate in the Inter-sectoral Falls Prevention Committee to identify main issues of fall risk, and determine interventions that will lower the risk. As falls remain an issue throughout the lifespan we look to our Atlantic partner, Child Safety Link, who take a lead role in childhood falls prevention, and our Nova Scotian partner, Community Links, who take a lead role in senior falls prevention. 

Through support of legislation, such as helmet legislation within the Motor Vehicle Act of 2007, governing bicycling, skateboarding and in-line skating, and helmet legislation for skiing within the Snow Sport Helmet Act pf 2012, governing skiing and snowboarding, we are able to lessen the risk of traumatic head injury related to these sports-related falls.

We advocate for engineering changes, such as those governing residential stair construction in Canada, that apply evidence to the design of stairs that will lessen fall risk.  

As with our focus within all injury prevention areas, we want to see Nova Scotians with full, active and engaged lives, - with safety in mind. 


Falls Resource Downloads